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Like most people, I absolutely dread filing my income taxes every year. But, unlike most people, it's not because I have to write a big fat check for something that I can't wear or drive. In fact, I usually get money back.

The reason my annual tax appointment ranks right up there with my yearly "well-woman" visit is because I just dislike the intrusion. Walking into my accountant's office with my folder full of W-2's, 1099's, bank statements and receipts feels a lot like inviting a stranger to inspect my medicine cabinet or go through my underwear drawer.

I honestly believe the reason more and more people are turning to do-it-yourself tax preparation software has little to do with the expense or inconvenience of having an accountant do the math. After all, the accountant's fee is tax deductible. They just don't want to face the prying questions.

"Did you have any charitable contributions over $500?"
"Any tuition or educational expenses?"
"Did you do anything whatsoever to improve the world or yourself last year?"
   "I donated a bag of old clothes to the Women's Shelter."
"How incredibly generous."

However, as we all know taxes are inevitable, and while we can't take the pain out of the process, See Jane Work can help you ensure your tax preparer doesn't discover the fiscal equivalent of a drawer full of mismatched socks with holes in the toes.

  • The Captio TaxCase Organizer includes worksheets that tell you what you need to keep, and how long you need to keep it, as well as tabbed folders to hold pertinent documents. A set of checklists, tips and web resources gives you additional information on everything from capital gains to retirement accounts. Best of all you can download refills for free, so your TaxCase will keep you organized year after year.

  • See Jane Work File Boxes are sized to hold file folders, hanging files, or notebooks. The metal label holder makes it easy to identify the contents. Keep a separate one for each tax year with files for income, deductions, and completed returns.

  • Receipt Catcher by Buttoned Up is sized to fit in your desk, glove compartment, or the junk drawer in the kitchen, the Receipt Catcher has tabbed sections to keep receipts for groceries, clothes, gifts, and more at your fingertips. The magnetic closure also gives you the option to toss receipts in the main compartment to sort at a later date. If you need something more compact, check out the Receipt Catcher Car.

  • The Financial Organizer was specially designed to help you gather and organize all your financial records for the year.

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