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pulling it together


When you were a little kid, Spring Break meant sleeping late and playing outside until the street lights came on. When you were a big kid, it meant sleeping all day and playing outside until the sheriff pulled up. Now that you’re a so-called grown-up, Spring Break means laying awake at night worrying about what you’re going to do with your kids for 5 business days, and playing catch-up with the Supermoms who booked Spring Break child care the day the school-year calendar was released.

Rather than engaging in bidding wars with all the other working parents in the neighborhood who are also desperately seeking last-minute, short-term day care, or dealing with the guilt of knowing that the neighbor’s kids are on a Disney Cruise and your kids are making macaroni necklaces at the community center, why not just take the week off yourself?

I know it’s not truly a vacation, (nothing that involves multiple showings of The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie in the back of a mini-van should be considered a vacation) but with a little planning, and the right accessories from See Jane Work, Spring Break can be just that, a nice little break in your routine.

  • The Weekender Bag from Hable Construction is made from heavy-weight canvas. The open-top design makes it perfect for toting sports equipment; picnic supplies; toys and books or, take it with you to the street fair or farmer’s market.

  • Take a road trip.The Barcelona Travel Bag holds crayons and markers, postcards and stamps, or use it to keep portable electronic games and all the accessories together.

  • Wipe-clean Zip Boxes from Jane Marvel are a great way to store snow pants and jackets for ski trips. When you get there, give each kid his or her own Zip Box and they can get changed while you unload the gear.

  • Need to stay in touch with the office? The Belissima Laptop Case from Gina B. protects your computer and has plenty of room for your phone, PDA and other work essentials.

  • While the kids are building the World’s Greatest Sandcastle, you can take a moment to drop a line to your sister or even your mom. Seaside Note Cards feature five different aquatic designs. Avoid smeared ink by writing in pencil. The Becca Pencil Case from Kate Spade includes pencils, an eraser and even a pencil sharpener.

Whether you use Spring Break to get away, or go exploring close to home, remember to include plenty of down time, and be prepared to postpone or cancel an activity if it feels like you’re exhausting them or yourself.

The point is to relax and spend some time together without alarm clocks, school bells, or deadlines. If you don’t make the 2 o’clock show, go at 4, or just skip it altogether and go get ice cream instead.

This is your time off…sort of.

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