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pulling it together

Scheduling 101

You’ve invested thousands of dollars in hardware, software, devices and services designed to keep you on schedule. Then yesterday you ended up driving the carpool with your hair wrapped in foil because, while your PDA and your desktop knew you had a 2:00 hair appointment, only your laptop and your Blackberry knew that Thursday was your day to pick up at the middle school.

While having your 8th grader give you the silent treatment isn’t an altogether bad thing, you do need to find a method of keeping your work schedule, your personal schedule and your kids’ schedules coordinated so that you’re not using your car’s vents for a hair dryer ever again.

Electronic gadgets (I’m sorry...”technology”) can be helpful, but there is nothing like a good, old-fashioned paper calendar to literally get everyone on the same page. In fact, the simple act of writing things down can sometimes help you recall the things you need to do, even when you’re not looking at your calendar.

Everyone has their own specific requirements for a time management system, and at See Jane Work we offer a wide selection of calendars, planners and agendas designed to keep you from overbooking whether you’re a mom, a student, a working professional or all of the above.

Mom AgendaMom Agenda - Created by a mom for moms, the Mom Agenda planner features a week-at-a-view planning calendar with room to write in all your plans, and four extra rows for filling in everybody else’s plans.  In addition to the weekly view the Mom Agenda includes monthly calendars, resources pages and a section to fill-in contact info.

My Agenda - If your kids are grown, too little to have their own plans, or if kids are not even a consideration at this point, the My Agenda from the makers of Mom Agenda is a great way to stay on top of your busy schedule.  The week-at-a-view format gives you space for meetings and appointments, and the extra rows can be used for weekly commitments like your class schedule, workout times and other recurring events.   

Mom AgendaR+H Smart Date Set - For those “put the dressing on the side,” “hold the pickles” kind of gals, we offer the R+H Smart Date Set.  With Smart Date Month Tabs, Smart Date Weekly Planner Sheets and Smart Date Daily Pads you can make the binder of your choice into a custom designed day planner.

Weekly Scheduler - You’ll get more done if you start each week with a plan.  The Weekly Scheduler has a column on the left for listing all the stuff you need to do, and then daily columns so you can figure out when you’re going to do it.  A notes column gives you space for phone numbers, addresses and other details. 

Mom Agenda8 Days a Week Pad - Sometimes you’ve just got more to do in a week than you can possibly do in a week.  The 8-Days-A-Week Pad gives you an extra column for the things you’ll get to Someday.

8 Days a Week Planner - Take your plans for the week and your plans for Someday with you wherever you go with an 8-Days-A-Week Planner. It’s spiral bound so it lays flat on your desk, counter or even the hood of your car, and since you fill in the dates you can start whenever you’re ready.

Mom AgendaFamily Facts Daily Scheduler - For those of us who look for something to do during the 60 seconds our coffee is re-heating in the microwave, the Family Facts Daily Scheduler is just the thing.  With space for writing down your To Do, To Go, To Call and To Buy lists, a column for scheduling the day in half-hour increments and even space at the bottom for writing down What’s For Dinner, you won’t waste a precious minute of your day.

Whomi - Pronounced Who Me, this line of agendas and calendars helps answer the rhetorical question of Who is going to take the cat to the vet, the kids to soccer practice and the client to the airport.  The agendas feature weekly calendar pages that give you a full page on top for your own appointments and another page below with color-coded rows for recording kids’ schedules, staff schedules, class schedules or other critical timetables.  Yellow reminder lines let you fill-in special events and occasions, and perforated corners on the lower right hand side help you find the current week quickly and easily. 

Of course some of us consider making dinner reservations a long-range plan.  For those who are still working out the details when the landing gear hits the runway, we also offer an assortment of Post Its and sticky notes, note pads, To Do lists and planning sheets that will help those who prefer to work on the fly keep their spontaneity without losing their sanity.

If one of our ideas or products works for you, or if you have a solution you’d like to share, please let us know at

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