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Unlike many of the more popular New Year's resolutions, the trouble with Getting Organized isn't that it's difficult to get started, or that it's an unreachable goal, or that the people in your life aren't supportive.

The major sticking point for most people is that it isn't just a January project that once completed can be checked off your list.

To really get and stay organized means making lasting changes in your habits and your lifestyle and, like losing 10 pounds, quitting smoking, or finally paying off and cutting up those pesky credit cards, getting organized is a resolution that is only as good as your resolve.

Seek Help

Don't panic...we're not suggesting you sign an annual contract, deprive yourself of things you love (unless you love clutter), or start attending weekly meetings. You just need to find an organization method that works for you and with you, whether it's a daily agenda, color-coded binders, a filing system, or some combination thereof.

Of particular value to busy Mom's who have not only their own schedules to manage, but also those of multiple family members big, small, and sometimes four-legged, are products from the Mom Agenda Collection.

See Jane Work offers Mom Agenda Planners in both refillable and bound formats, as well as specially designed Mom Agenda Note Pads including the ingenious Weekly Menu Note Pad that also doubles as a grocery list.

(For more information on how to use the Mom Agendas, check out the "Mom Agenda How To PDF".)

Think Long Term

Planning your week is a good start, but true organization means never having to say, "I lost it."

The Life.doc Organizing Binder has sections for insurance policies, medical records, financial information and more. You can fill it out by hand while you're waiting for your annual physical (please don't tell us you haven't scheduled one yet), or enter the data into your computer and feed the pages into your printer.

Some things are inevitable but you can make tax time less of a chore with the Captio TaxCase. Helpful worksheets tell you what to keep and what to toss, and tabbed folders will hold all the necessary documents to make filing your taxes as easy as filing your nails. (Well maybe not quite.)

Become a Project Manager

The key to tackling any major project is to break it down into smaller pieces. Whether you're remodeling your kitchen, or finally making that big career change you've been talking about forever, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the undertaking.

By breaking it down into smaller sub-projects you'll not only take some of the stress out of the task at hand, you'll also give yourself a sense of accomplishment as you achieve goals and then move forward.

While some swear by Binders, Expanding Files are another portable and convenient tool for keeping projects in order.

The Russell and Hazel Standing Expanding File has eight dividers and a dry erase exterior so you can write yourself reminders, or jot down phone numbers and messages as they come in.

For those who have long since forgotten what printed documents are for, the Discus CD Case is a fun and fashionable way to store files, photos and the vital operating system disks you'll need if your computer crashes.

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