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pulling it together

The secret to pulling it together, and keeping it together, is that there is no one secret solution. Life is full of change and what kept you organized in college, may not keep you organized as a working mother.

Sure we have all known someone who defies the laws of nature. She’s always on time, impeccably dressed, and most annoying of all, works in a perfectly organized office where a 5-year-old financial report can be retrieved in less time than it takes a mere mortal woman to remove the dog fur from her skirt with a piece of tape.

These are the same women who have newborn babies that sleep through the night, linen pants that don’t wrinkle, and who have never made an error in an e-mail to a client. The point is these women (and unfortunately my mother-in-law is one of them) are extremely rare. The rest of us are a little less predictable. We may be perfectly organized one moment, then surrounded by clutter, missed appointments, and overdue projects the next.

No matter what your favorite women’s magazine might tell you, being and staying organized is not a weekend project, it’s a lifelong process. But don’t let the enormity of the endeavor hold you back. Periodically ask yourself whether you are using your resources (time, money, and talents) efficiently. While you’re at it, ask your closest friends. You may not always like the answers, but if the truth hurts, it can also sometimes help.

Oftentimes the things that cause organizational upheaval are good things. A new job, a new baby, a new house, a new partner, or a long vacation can shake you up, but once you’ve learned how to manage the changes you will find that you are a better person for it.

Just to get you started, we have assembled a small list of organizational must-haves. Whether you’re working from a corner office, or from a corner of your kitchen counter, you will always need 3-ring binders, zip pouches, a journal or notebook, a good eraser, and several sharp pencils. We’ll show you our favorites.

And unlike those exceptional women who seem to know it all, yet refuse to share their “secret” recipe, we don’t mind sharing. In fact we will tell you everything we know about home and office organization. We will even show you pictures of real offices that function well, and look great. We hope you will be inspired to add some of this functional beauty to your workspace and to your home.

If one of our ideas or products works for you, or if you have a solution you’d like to share, please let us know at

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