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pulling it together

Cubicle Life Made Better

It’s an unavoidable fact of life, if you work in an office building you're probably in a cubicle.  Odds are the cubicle is gray and still full of stuff from the last person who sat there. To make matters worse, your neighbor on one side talks too loud on the phone, your neighbor on the other side brings very stinky lunches, and the neighbor directly across from you seems to change every month.  It’s enough to make anyone depressed.

Don’t let the corporate cubicle life get you down OR cramp your style.

Here’s Jane’s quick list for perking up your cubicle:

  • The Structure Letter Tray Set may even motivate you to sort through your in-box.

  • When you approach your boss to sign off on your expense report, hand her the Acme Rollerball Pen.  She’ll be so interested in the pen’s design, she won’t notice the room upgrade you charged in Chicago.

  • Kate Spade’s Small Desk Tray makes Post-it notes look so pretty you’ll never lose them again.

  • If you light a candle in your cube you run the risk of setting off the sprinkler system. Instead use Scent Diffusion to mask the odor of burnt popcorn in the break room. 

Yes, most of us have no other choice than to sit in a gray box like a veal calf.  But with a few simple additions and adjustments, you can easily turn that gray box into an occupational retreat, perfectly suited for that next big idea (and promotion).

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