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pulling it together

Giving Thanks

Most of us were not raised by wolves.  We were in fact raised by gracious mothers who taught us to excuse ourselves for transgressions as minor as sneezing and to always say “please” and “thank you.”

However with the daily grind of work, kids, traffic jams, contractors that don’t show up, and in-laws that do, it has become all too easy to let our manners slip.  Heartfelt “Thank You” cards have been replaced by “Thank You” e-mails, or maybe even just “THX” texted during a red light.  Even the ubiquitous nicety “please” has been subtly edged-out by the extremely insincere “puh-leeze.”

While random acts of kindness are a step in the right direction, specific acts of goodwill towards friends, family and coworkers are perhaps the best way to bring courtesy and civility back into our day-to-day lives, and with a little organization and few items from See Jane Work you can help put the “nice” back into “Have a Nice Day.”

With everything you’ve got to get done in a day, is it any wonder you forget birthdays and anniversaries, and are caught completely off-guard when, after only three years of dating and an 18-month engagement, your cousin’s wedding is suddenly this Saturday?

  • Minor Emergency KitStart each week with a plan and you’re less likely to overlook the details.  The Start Here Planner has week view pages, month view pages and lined pages in the back for lists, notes and reminders.

  • The Emergency Box of Cards from Bob’s Your Uncle includes 8 cards with envelopes covering occasions from nuptials to a new baby.

  • The petite, leather-bound Birthdays book fits in your handbag or desk drawer and has spaces for every single day of the year.

  • Minor Emergency KitThe Greeting Card Organizer has card-holder pages and index dividers that you can label by occasion or by month.  So you can buy the perfect card for your sister-in-law in January and then remember to send it to her on her birthday in March.  

It’s not that you don’t feel appreciative, but after eight hours in the office and 45 minutes in rush-hour traffic, sometimes by the end of the day the only thing you’re feeling truly thankful for is that the day has finally ended.

  • Keep Thank You Notes from Jack and Lulu on hand.  Each set includes 10 notes and envelopes that are pretty enough for personal use, and professional enough for business.  Toss them in a Jane Marvel Pouch with a pen, postage stamps and your address book and you’ll have everything you need all in one place.

  • Minor Emergency KitReward excellent service at home and on the road with the Itty Bitty Guide to Tipping.  This pocket-sized paperback gives you guidelines for gratuities locally and abroad.

Studies have shown that doing nice things for other people actually releases “feel good” chemicals in the brain.  So instead of that 3 o’clock sugar rush, consider spending your afternoon break calling staff members to thank them for their hard work, or writing a complimentary letter to your sales rep’s manager.

  • Tell your son’s teacher she’s earned an A+ in your book, or let the soccer coach know you support her goal by giving a gift certificate for anything from a cup of coffee to a shopping spree at the mall.  Gift Certificates from See Jane Work are available in denominations from $25 to $250.

  • Minor Emergency KitSkip the plate of cookies and welcome a new family to the neighborhood with a completed Where I Live Journal.  With color-coded pages to fill in the best restaurants, shops and parks in the area, this little directory can help a new neighbor find her way around.

  • Help a friend hammer out a remodeling project by filling a Business Card Holder with contact info for a reliable plumber, electrician, and house painter.

Yes, of course it's the thought that counts. But receiving a gift that you don't want, even with a gift receipt attached, is kind of like being given another errand to run. Make it fun for you and easy for them by requesting a Gift Certificate from See Jane Work. We carry products ranging in price from "I enjoy working with you" to "I enjoy being married to you" so it's a great way to get the stuff you really want.

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