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Secret Pouch - Mulberry Purple
Secret Pouch - Mulberry Purple

Secret Pouch - Mulberry Purple

Item Number: 662120-PE
Price: $12.00

It's called a Secret Pouch for a reason; your monthly cycle should be just that, a secret. Unfortunately, when your boss asked for a pen and you handed him a tampon it was not a secret. Everyone in your office is still laughing, except for you.

Get your handbag, and feminine products, organized with the Secret Pouch. This clever fabric pouch is designed to hold three tampons and several panty liners. It's discreet, lightweight and washable.

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  • Measures 4 X 6" closed, 8 X 7.5 " open
  • Holds up to three tampons and several liners, not included
  • Fabric

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"You are correct. Menstruation is normal and healthy, nothing to be ashamed of. You also shouldn't be ashamed of safe sex or makeup, but reaching in your business bag and pulling out a condom, lip gloss or a tampon during a business meeting, may be viewed by some as unprofessional. So we advocate using pouches to organize your business bag, that way you can find what you need, when you need it. In a regular zip pouch tampon wrappers tend to open, introducing bacteria and making them unsafe. The name Secret Pouch is not to suggest that a woman's monthly cycle should be kept Secret, it is to suggest that this Secret weapon keeps your handbag organized and your tampons safe."

See Jane Work - Customer Service on 9/10/2015 11:32:18 AM


"Why should we keep our periods a secret? It's a normal and healthy part of our bodies. Thanks for teaching half of the population that we should be ashamed of our normal and healthy bodies. See Jane Work, but not once a month? Seriously?"

I Have a Uterus and I'm Not Ashamed on 9/5/2015 7:47:00 AM