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Laptop Bag Buying Guide

Laptop Bag Buying Guide

Choosing a laptop or business bag doesn't have to be as difficult as choosing a laptop. After all bag terminology is so much easier than computer terminology. You may not know the difference between RAM and ROM, but you certainly know the difference between leather and canvas. The only predicament that laptop or business bag buyers once faced was style or function, but with so many great bags in the marketplace you don't have to decide. You can have them both.

Consider these important features to find a laptop or business bag that works as hard as you.

Laptop Bags Aren't Just For Laptops

They're perfectly sized to act as a travel carry-on or for toting files and paperwork between office and home. Consider what other items you will need to carry so that you select the right size bag. Some items you should have room for include: chargers, file folders, wallet, make-up and phone.

If You Got It Flaunt It

A stylish laptop bag can become an important accessory. Most people have workplace wardrobes that favor certain colors. Choose a laptop bag that compliments your wardrobe. I've invested in black patent leather, brown croc, and light tan laptop bags; I've found that these three styles go with just about everything in my closet. If I had to pick just one it would be the brown croc, it looks great with brown, blue and even black. Trendy laptop bags are great if you have the budget for a new one each year, otherwise it's best to choose a stylish classic.

Over or Under

Before investing in a laptop bag you should consider how you will carry the bag. Do you prefer to carry your handbag in your hand, on your shoulder, cross-ways or even on your back? Do you prefer long or short straps? Are you short or tall? This is beginning to sound like a Dr. Suess book, but I can assure you these questions are important. When deciding on a bag it's important to note the handle length. If you're buying the bag online, look for a handbag in your closet that you are comfortable carrying and measure the handle length; this provide a base line for comparison. Finally you should decide if you prefer a shoulder or hand strap; many bags come with detachable shoulder straps. I prefer to carry my bag by hand, but if I have a lot of walking to do the shoulder strap can come in handy.

Easy Access

It may sound silly, but the opening and closing function of a laptop bag really does matter. Is the closure secure? Is the closure so secure it takes minutes rather than seconds to open your bag? Does the bag open easily while still hanging on your arm? Is the bag opening wide enough to find documents or a business card?

Laptop Bag Buying Guide

What's Up Your Sleeve

Some laptop bags come with sleeves and some sleeves turn totes into laptop bags. Laptop sleeves provide protection for your laptop and can facilitate moving through security check-points. It's important to note whether or not a laptop bag includes a removable sleeve. It's also important to know whether or not that sleeve is TSA friendly. In general a sleeve is considered TSA friendly if it is free of metal (zippers should be plastic) and if there are no pockets to obscure the x-ray view of the computer.

Laptop Bag Buying Guide

Pouches Aren't Just For Kangaroos

There's nothing worse than spending the first 10 minutes of a meeting digging through your laptop bag for a pen. A good laptop bag should include some pockets to make organizing the contents (and making a good first impression) a little easier. How many pockets, pouches and hooks should it have? That's up to you. My favorite bag has a zippered pocket in the front that makes accessing my wallet or passport easy. Many bags include clips for keys, a zippered pouch for chargers, and specially designed compartments for items like phones and pens.

Parting Words

When searching for a laptop bag it's best to take some time and carefully consider your options. There's much to consider and this list is certainly not exhaustive. I could have discussed budgeting for a bag and what you can get for your money. I also could have covered the topic of workplace style and how your bag can enhance the image you hope to convey, but that would have taken up the entire page. There's just not enough space to address every possible scenario. The bottom-line is this, if you love a bag at first glance and it has most of the features you are looking for then buy it. Wearing something that makes you happy can help you look and feel great at work even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles.

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by Holly Bohn Weiss - Copyright © 2013