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Monthly Organizing Tip

Focus on organizing your computer this month. Spend just 10 minutes a day (set a timer) to get your hard drive and email inbox in order.

To avoid creating a system that is overly complex, start with large folders and downsize as needed. Make sure that documents have meaningful names. For expample: home_office_organizing_tip.docx rather than document1.docx. If your can't remember where you filed it at least your can run a search.

Don't forget to write your system down in a spreadsheet with notes. It will take about a month to get used to and your might have to check your notes to stay consistent.

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Monthly Organizing Tip

To Do List
Print out each week or day and you'll have more done's than do's.

What to Eat/What to Buy
Plan your meals and shop just weekly to save time, money, and calories.

Travel Packing List/Fashion Planner
Business travel gets a little easier with this handy form that will help you plan your outfits and pack what you need.

Software Tracker Form
This simple form can keep a computer crash from becoming a computer disaster.

Address Pages
Turn a 3-Ring Binder into an address book with these printable pages.