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April 17, 2017 , In: DIY Office Decor, Office Inspiration, Style

The collected, well-traveled elements of Bohemian spaces are appealing, but such spaces evolve over time. Who has time for that? As it turns out, it is possible to create a highly-functional, boho-inspired workspace without the traveling or collecting. Short on both time and money? Don’t worry, this entire office cost less than $500. corkboards_seejaneworkWhile I would have loved to cover the walls in fun tapestries or art, I needed to address function first. I used SeeJaneWork Cork Boards and black vinyl lettering to create day-of-week bulletin boards. For someone who is visual, a system like this is a great way to prioritize tasks and track due dates.seejanework-connecting-corkboardsThe connecting feature of these cork boards made the space feel layered, a key feature of boho design.  I used spray adhesive on the vinyl letters to keep them firmly in place.boho-desktop_seejaneworkThe See Jane Work Brown Fabric Desk Collection added texture and function. The Desktop Organizer holds files, a notebook, pens, pencils and other frequently used supplies. Collections can quickly overwhelm a desktop, so I added just one collected item, a repurposed dish to hold clips.stacking-letter-trays_boho-home-office_seejaneworkStacking Letter Trays are perfect in small workspaces, as storage needs grow you can add trays without taking up additional space on the desktop.action-shot_boho-home-office_seejaneworkThe See Jane Work Kate Desk is affordable and comes with drawer dividers to keep supplies organized. The Storsele Armchair from IKEA provides seating room for visitors and looks a lot more expensive than its $119 price tag. A cactus, candle and some fun wall hangings finished the look.

And in case you were wondering, it is not uncommon to find me crawling around on dirty studio floors to straighten a rug during a photoshoot.

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