How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

February 8, 2017 , In: Organize

You were right about that antique farm table, it fits perfectly and looks stunning in your home office.  The problem is, when your desk isn’t really a desk, there isn’t room for supplies, files and work-in-progress. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Here are 5 easy ways to organize a desk without drawers:

organize small supplies

Pouch, Divided Tray, Gold White Stripe Binder Clips

organize work-in-progress on desktop

Stacking Trays, See Jane Work Wall System, Oversized Sorter

organize paperwork on desktop

Stacking Boxes, White File Tote, Black Lidded File Box

organize cards and photos on desktop

Magnetic Clip Organizer

desktop organization

Navy Stripe Organizer Caddy, White Desktop Organizer, Triangle Print Organizer Caddy

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Quick Tips

Feeling Overwhelmed

When you're feeling overwhelmed and having difficulty getting started, it helps to make a list. Get all that stuff in your mind down on paper. Limit yourself to one line per item, if you have a due date include that next to the item. Don't worry about priority or additional detail at this time, just get it on paper. Once you've finished, group items into categories by priority, then type, for example errands, calls, urgent, etc. Relief will come as you work through the list and cross things off. To read past Quick Tips click here