Fashion Inspired Office Decor-Studs

Just because you don’t ride a motorcycle or frequent biker bars doesn’t mean you can’t dress the part, although if you have teenagers you do run the risk of being called a “poser.”

To get the look without looking like a wannabe, enjoy these edgy new trends in moderation. Don’t wear a studded collar, heavy boots and leather pants all at once, just add one piece to an otherwise conservative outfit.

Unlike the dog collar style studs of yesterday, today’s studded leather accessories won’t gouge your eyes out; and even look great in the home or office. Just like in fashion, the key to using studded leather in your decor is moderation.

Here are some pieces that inspired me:

Here is our new Studded Leather Desk Set and a few complementary accessories:

Studded Leather Desk Blotter

Studded Leather Pencil Cup

Fleur de Lis Letter Opener

Brasserie Dish

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