Decorate Your Office Walls

Sometimes art is the inspiration behind a room and other times it’s the last thing you need to complete a room. When outfitting an office decorating your walls becomes an even greater challenge. Whether you like it or not, you will be judged by your coworkers, clients, boss and anyone else who sets foot in your office, so choose your artwork wisely.

I am very particular about what I put on my walls. I don’t “decorate.” There is no pressure for me to cover every available surface. Art has to be meaningful to me; it has to make me laugh, jog a memory or otherwise inspire me.

I’ve done several blog posts that relate back to office walls. I’ve hung chairs as shelves, artists’ canvas as bulletin boards and magnet boards in a grouping, but I haven’t shown you true art that will look great in your office.

There are a few styles that I think are fun for the office.

Here is some message art. I consider this type of art to be a stylish version of the tacky inspirational office posters.

1. Nick Agin, Pick Your Battles.

2. Mike Monteiro, Untitled.

3. Austin Kleon, Open Road.

4. Artist: Craig Damrauer, The New Math of Relationships.

(All prints above available at 20 x, a great new place to shop for art.)

I love prints from Sugar Fresh, but they might be too juvenile for the office. On the other hand juvenile art might be better understood by some of the people you work with.

To see more Sugar Fresh art here is the link.

I was so inspired by this message art that, together with a graphics person (Heather Doyle) I work with, I created my own office message art. Humor helps me at work, so please don’t be offended. I think it’s so funny I might end up printing it and selling it. Let me know what you think.

If you aren’t into typology or message prints here are some other options.

1. Robert Verdi, Ideal Bookshelf 101.

2. Lisa Congdon, Day1: Vintage Erasers.

3. Tom Slaughter, New York Valentine

And just to review in case you are new to the blog or don’t remember, there are many other great things that can live on office walls.

Chairs as shelves

Magnet Boards in a grouping

Chalkboard wall decals

Artists’ canvas as bulletin boards

I hope you’re inspired to decorate those walls!

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5 Responses to Decorate Your Office Walls

  1. Liz Rivera says:

    lol, I really liked the coporate exercise regimen piece you made. Witty and classic.

  2. Laura says:

    I would LOVE a print of the corporate exercise program? I can pay you for the file and print myself?????

    let me know!

  3. Holly says:

    Email customer service. We will get one printed for you!

  4. Liz Rivera says:

    How much does that print cost? Would make a great gift for a co-worker ( or me) :)

    • Holly says:

      We’re not charging just yet…. Email customer service with your address and I will send you one for free!