Fashion Inspired Office Décor-Yellow

The runways for spring 2012 are full of bright yellows in a variety of hues. My complexion doesn’t favor yellow so I was thrilled to see so many options from purses to pants. I decided that if worn away from my face yellow could work for me so I invested in some yellow J. Crew pants. I’ve been amazed at yellow’s versatility. I’ve worn the pants with navy blue, pink, grey and of course black. In decorating I’ve always loved yellow and grey together, but the runways and this personal fashion experience have given me lots of new ideas.

Pair the yellow Bella Leather Desk Set with Semikolon paperboard boxes or binders in navy, black, grey or even tan. The See Jane Work Basic Storage in chocolate also looks great with yellow. You’ll be surprised and inspired by the versatility of this color in fashion and décor. Give this trend a try!

1. Bella Blotter

2. Bella Pencil Cup

3. Bella Leather Mousepad

4. Susy Jack Notebook

5. Semikolon Notebook

6. Semikolon Magazine Box

7. Semikolon Document Box

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3 Responses to Fashion Inspired Office Décor-Yellow

  1. Maria Hernandez says:

    looks great! Makes me feel inspired to tackle new projects…

  2. Liz Rivera says:

    Another great post! I’ve never thought about pairing gray and yellow together. Thanks for the tip! I like to pair purple with yellow it can sometimes look a little easter egg-y if the purple is too pastel though. A deep dark purple and bright yellow look really fun and fresh. Love the Bella blotter and the yellow accessories and the black pencils against it. Looks fresh and crisp.

  3. Holly says:

    Liz you have so many great ideas. You’re inspiring me!