Fashion Inspired Office Décor-Neutrals

My inspiration for office décor often comes from my closet; fashion can be the perfect starting point for an office makeover. Don’t get me wrong, not every fashion trend should be translated into office décor, last year’s neon trend being a good example, but many trends will work in an office. You’ll be happy to know that 2011 runways have been full of décor friendly ideas. Every few weeks we’ll bring you a fashion trend and show you how to translate it into an organized and stylish office.

Our trend to translate this week is Neutrals.

Fall runways were full of neutrals like British Tan and Camel, colors that work great at—well, work. As further proof that we’re on to something I offer you a little insider information. We’ve carried the Bella Leather Collection for many years, but this year the British Tan is flying off the shelves, so it appears that we’re not the only ones inspired by the runways…….

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2 Responses to Fashion Inspired Office Décor-Neutrals

  1. Jenni Snyder says:

    This is so true! I never thought of it this way. Now I can match my office with my favorite patterns. I think im going to go with the Semikolon Stripe stuff! Love it! Thanks

  2. John says:

    This latest office set up would look great on a Restoration Hardware desk…………Really great!