Fashion Inspired Office Décor-Feathers

My inspiration for office décor often comes from my closet; fashion can be the perfect starting point for an office makeover. Don’t get me wrong, not every fashion trend should be translated into office décor (last year’s neon trend being a good example) but many trends will work in an office. You’ll be happy to know that this year’s runways have been full of décor friendly ideas. Every few weeks we’ll bring you a fashion trend and show you how to translate it into an organized and stylish office.

Our trend to translate this week is Feathers

There are some fashion trends that I simply admire from afar, the feather trend being a good example. We’re seeing them as earrings, on clothing and in hair. Unfortunately, this trend can easily go from tasteful to tacky. I was going to provide an example of extremes to illustrate my point, but decided that some things are best left to the imagination. Getting this look right can be expensive. The runway looks are way out of my budget so rather than settle for something more affordable, but not quite as stylish, I translated this trend into décor.

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