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August 25, 2015 , In: Things that make me smile

When I design a new collection, I usually have a theme in mind. Not a “fill the room with stripes” type of theme, for me it’s more about lifestyle.  The lifestyle theme for my recent product launch was “less stuff, more fun.”  Who wouldn’t want that? I think it’s a lifestyle change that a lot of busy women are making.  So if I want less stuff, why am I making more stuff? Glad you asked.

My life has been full of change. I’ve moved from a tiny house to a medium-size house, then back to a small house. My little babies became teenagers, and one just left for college. With every life change, the products I rely on to keep my office, family and life organized have also changed. I now have boxes of items that I rarely use. Some of it–think little boy pirate birthday party supplies–won’t see the light of day until I have grandkids. So with this new collection, I created products that could work for a variety of situations and a variety of lifestyles. I used neutral colors and classic patterns, with a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure.

Then came the test, putting the designs to use. My house is usually full of kids, my kids, their friends, my friends’ kids, neighbors, kids just seem to multiply. A great way to entertain a variety of age groups is with art supplies, so I keep them ready to go in a Tin Caddy. I also use the Tin Caddy to keep homework supplies portable, my kids end up doing their homework at the kitchen table, not on the desks I carefully chose for their rooms (sigh). Here I am coloring with one of my favorite kids (and artists), Addison.see jane work art caddyOn the kids first day of school, I found another use for these products, a celebratory brunch with friends. I lined the Tin Storage Tub with plastic and filled it with ice, champagne and drinks. blog-image_holly-servingblog-image_tin-tubI dumped out the art supplies and used the Tin Caddy for plates, silverware, napkins and straws.blog-image_tin-caddyBack-to-school week is hectic for moms, so it’s important to take a little break and spend time with friends. On this occasion, I didn’t go crazy, I bought pastries from a good bakery and fresh fruit from the market.  With the purchases displayed on fancy plates, it looked great, but was super easy.

I hope these products and ideas will make your life a little easier and a lot more fun!

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