I Survived the Storm

November 2, 2012 , In: Cheer

I’m finally on a plane back from NYC after Superstorm Sandy. What a week! I arrived in NYC early Sunday morning, super excited to meet with editors to share the details of the newly expanded SJW line due in Office Depot stores January 1st.

That excitement quickly turned to anxiety then downright panic as businesses and public transportation began closing at 4 pm on Sunday. I spoke with a few NY friends and we decided that it was hype, everything would be fine, the powers that be were just being cautious. Monday night I lost power and water at my hotel. I waited till morning to see if it would be resolved, but as you know now the problem was not easily solved. I climbed stairs to the 19th floor to get help and information. While they tried to find a place to move the hotel guests I went in search of coffee and breakfast. I knew it was a true emergency when I discovered all the Starbucks in the city were closed. I walked many blocks and waited an hour in line for a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Some of the workers at the establishment had walked for 2 hours to get to work that morning. Now that’s a rough commute.

Later that day I was transferred to a hotel uptown. With the help of several members of the hotel staff, I carried luggage and boxes of samples down from the 9th floor.

Humor gets me through difficult situations, this was no exception. I mean no offense to those still suffering from the storm.

After all was said and done my butt is slightly firmer from climbing so many stairs (remember no power – no elevators). I survived which always feels good. Thanks to the taxi drivers that helped me, the staff at the Morgans who carried all my boxes and bags, to the staff at the Hudson who trekked my bags to the corner each morning.

Hugs to NYC, my office back home who supported me, Facebook friends and of course my husband who managed three costumes and trick-or- treating all alone.

Sorry for not taking pictures. I’m no photo journalist so I’ll leave images of the difficult situation to those whose talents exceed mine.

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