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Back-to-School Organizing

Asking a group of mothers whether they are looking forward to the start of school can create more drama than a discussion on politics or plastic surgery. For me the answer to that question has been different every year. It … Continue reading

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Organize Your… College Student

My oldest son is starting high school, not college, but he will be away from home for his first year. He’s only been gone a few weeks and I’m already distraught. In order to cope I began a massive reorganization … Continue reading

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Organize Your Kitchen Office

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. If it’s true then I’m in desperate need of a quadruple bypass! My husband’s reminder sticky notes cover the walls. The kids’ school work, phone lists, and permission slips are … Continue reading

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Back-to-School (& Work)

Have you ever noticed that no matter how old you may appear, you still feel the same inside? Unless faced with a mirror, my age was just a number. Unfortunately, that number became painfully apparent when I attempted to join … Continue reading

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Scheduling And Other Dilemmas of Modern Life

Scheduling has always been a problem for me. I’d like to think it’s because more demands have been placed on women today. The reality is that although I have to bring home the soy bacon and fry it up in … Continue reading

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Managing Kids’ Activities

  It starts out simply enough. Hoping to encourage your child to make new friends (maybe even some whose mother’s won’t mistake an invitation for an afternoon play date for foster care), you sign him up for Scouts. The next … Continue reading

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