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Organize Your… College Student

My oldest son is starting high school, not college, but he will be away from home for his first year. He’s only been gone a few weeks and I’m already distraught. In order to cope I began a massive reorganization … Continue reading

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Organize Your Desk Drawer

The most important office storage space is the desk drawer. It may not seem special, it is just a drawer, but properly organized it becomes the best tool you have for becoming more productive at work. You should think of … Continue reading

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Organize Your Nightstand (for work)

They say you’re not supposed bring work into the bedroom. They also say you shouldn’t have a TV in the bedroom. This advice sounds good in theory, but like any good workaholic I just can’t help myself. In fact sometimes … Continue reading

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Organize Your Kitchen Office

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. If it’s true then I’m in desperate need of a quadruple bypass! My husband’s reminder sticky notes cover the walls. The kids’ school work, phone lists, and permission slips are … Continue reading

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Organize Your Car

Depending on where you live, a significant percentage of you and/or your family’s life could be spent in the car. At times you may even ask yourself why you bought the big fancy house and the little sports car; it … Continue reading

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Get Motivated, Get Organized

Although it’s hard to recognize your own flaws, it’s even harder to talk about them. I can’t tell you how many times I look at organizing obstacles in my own life and blame someone else. “That darn mail carrier just … Continue reading

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Organize Your Email

Of all the advice my father has so graciously provided over the years I am troubled most by his advice regarding company email. If I had only followed his advice sooner, I would have avoided so much conflict and misery. … Continue reading

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Organize Your Books & Publications

When you live in a small house getting organized isn’t a luxury, it’s a must. In fact, I would even go so far as to compare it to cleaning the bathroom, it should be done frequently and thoroughly. Most experts … Continue reading

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Office Organization Checklist

Supplies Needed: 8-10 large cardboard boxes for sorting Sticky notes Sharpies or other marker Project Organizer or poly Velcro envelopes 1) Use marker to label cardboard: Donate, Recycle, Trash, Shred, Supplies, To Do, To File, To Store, Belongs Elsewhere.✓ You … Continue reading

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Computer Recovery Box

The excitement of getting a new computer can often distract us from the important task of organizing the computer and its accoutrements. Once the screen lights up, you instantly forget about things like the emergency recovery disk. That is, until … Continue reading

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