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Guest Stylist The Chestnut Orange

I thought it would be fun to have a guest stylist. Nicole Crowder, of The Chestnut Orange, caught my eye several months back. I’m a sucker for great photography and this blog has it. I asked Nicole if she would … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Color Trends

Yes, yes, I’ve heard.  The Pantone color of the year is Tangerine Tango, shown below in case your internet has been down for the last few months and you have no idea what I’m talking about. But what does this … Continue reading

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Time Management With I Heart Organizing’s Jennifer Jones

The whole blogging craze has me feeling a little inadequate. Not a “go out and buy a Corvette” kind of inadequate.  It’s the girl kind, you know the “she does it better” inadequate.  I visit great blogs, like I Heart … Continue reading

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Fashion Inspired Office Décor-Yellow

The runways for spring 2012 are full of bright yellows in a variety of hues. My complexion doesn’t favor yellow so I was thrilled to see so many options from purses to pants. I decided that if worn away from … Continue reading

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Repurposed Storage

Life is full of change. One moment you’re single and carefree the next you have three kids and a mortgage. Well maybe it wasn’t exactly a moment, but sometimes it feels that way. About 1% of the population plans their … Continue reading

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Useful Collections

Like love handles and grey hair, collections have a way of popping up. Take my mother-in-law for example, she loves jam and jelly. As a result she buys more than she can possibly consume, so now she has a jelly … Continue reading

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Decorate Your Office Walls

Sometimes art is the inspiration behind a room and other times it’s the last thing you need to complete a room. When outfitting an office decorating your walls becomes an even greater challenge. Whether you like it or not, you … Continue reading

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Cubicle Makeover

When I launched See Jane, in 2003, it was difficult to decorate a home office. Back then jobs were easy to come by, stylish office supplies were not. Sure you could spend your weekends at thrift and antique stores … Continue reading

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Decorate Your Storage

It’s easy and fun to personalize your storage and desk accessories. Some good candidates for personalization include: See Jane Work Storage Boxes Simple Structure Pencil Cup Three by Three Magnet Boards The craft store is full of fun stuff that … Continue reading

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One Office Two Ways

Changing your office decor is easier than you would think. If you’ve invested in quality neutral furniture, a simple change in artwork and accessories can give your office a completely different look. To prove the point, I followed my own … Continue reading

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