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Holiday Travel Made Easy

1. Bring a commuter mug in your carry-on bag. By having the flight attendant pour your drinks directly into the mug you’ll not only avoid spills, but will need fewer refills. 2. Traveling can be hectic and scheduling time for … Continue reading

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I Survived the Storm

I’m finally on a plane back from NYC after Superstorm Sandy. What a week! I arrived in NYC early Sunday morning, super excited to meet with editors to share the details of the newly expanded SJW line due in Office … Continue reading

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Business Travel

Business travel only sounds glamorous to those left behind to answer the phone, open the mail, and ship out the samples you forgot. Sure there may be a few people for whom travel is glamorous, but for the other 99.9% … Continue reading

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Organize Your Car

Depending on where you live, a significant percentage of you and/or your family‚Äôs life could be spent in the car. At times you may even ask yourself why you bought the big fancy house and the little sports car; it … Continue reading

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