Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We think we are easy to buy for, our list of needs is a mile long. Unfortunately, our family doesn’t quite see it that way. So unless you want to end up with a new set of dish towels and flowers, not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s best to take matters into your own hands.

You can create a gift registry and email the list (option will appear when you set-up the list) to your husband or simply send him a link to the registry search page.

Here are my recommendations by personality type:

Techie Mom: This mom wouldn’t be caught dead without her iPad. Her 2 year old is having trouble looking at board books because he swipes to turn the page. It’s difficult to locate paper in this house as grocery lists, schedules and recipes are all on the computer.

The Techie Mom would love an iPad or iPhone Cover, Crazy Keys USB or a Jane Marvel Metro Tote.

On-The-Go Mom: For this mom home has 4 wheels and sliding doors. She spends her days commuting, carpooling or driving to the airport. For her the term family dinner is when everyone eats their drive-through meal in the car at the same time. Between work, soccer, football and dance there just isn’t time for a meat and potatoes dinner.

The On-The-Go Mom would enjoy a Commuter Mug or Drink Tumbler. If she travels via air try a Jane Marvel Zip Pouch filled with luxe travel size toiletries. A Bungalow Trunk is also a great gift and will keep the back of the mini-van organized.

Organizer Mom: In this mom’s home or office everything has a place and everything is in its place. You’ll never find a junk drawer in this mom’s kitchen and her child’s legos are always sorted.

The Organizer Mom would love a Pehr Canvas Basket, Bungalow Rump Roost Medium or Large, or Chewing the Cud Canvas Storage. No need to hide this storage away. These items lend style to any room while concealing clutter.

PTA Mom: The PTA Mom (A.K.A. Team Mom) only puts down her clip board or notepad long enough to shower. She’s at her best in a group of unruly children or moms.

The PTA Mom would love a set of Dylan’s Combo Highlighter Pens with a Mucho Spiral Notebook or have her upgrade her look by swapping out that clipboard for a Semikolon or Bella Leather Portfolio.

Still Confused? You’ll find that a Lucky Minimergency Kit or a Minimergency Kit for Mom is a welcome and useful gift for any mom on your list.

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