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Kitchen Counter Clutter, An Interview With Melissa Picheny

Holly Bohn-Weiss: How did you get started? Melissa Picheny:I had a natural desire to help friends and family get organized. I found that once they could let go of old habits they were able to move forward with their lives. … Continue reading

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Organize Your Storage

Organizing your storage doesn’t have to be complicated, but somehow it ends up being just that. If you’re not a weirdo, like me, you should probably stop reading. In other words, if mismatched plastic bins and labels written in permanent … Continue reading

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Resolution Planning

Lose 10 lbs, spend more time with family, create a budget and stick to it… it’s good to have lofty goals, but sometimes you need to break those goals into smaller more manageable steps in order to stay on course … Continue reading

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Fashion Inspired Office Décor-Yellow

The runways for spring 2012 are full of bright yellows in a variety of hues. My complexion doesn’t favor yellow so I was thrilled to see so many options from purses to pants. I decided that if worn away from … Continue reading

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Repurposed Storage

Life is full of change. One moment you’re single and carefree the next you have three kids and a mortgage. Well maybe it wasn’t exactly a moment, but sometimes it feels that way. About 1% of the population plans their … Continue reading

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Useful Collections

Like love handles and grey hair, collections have a way of popping up. Take my mother-in-law for example, she loves jam and jelly. As a result she buys more than she can possibly consume, so now she has a jelly … Continue reading

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Decorate Your Office Walls

Sometimes art is the inspiration behind a room and other times it’s the last thing you need to complete a room. When outfitting an office decorating your walls becomes an even greater challenge. Whether you like it or not, you … Continue reading

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Cubicle Makeover

When I launched See Jane, in 2003, it was difficult to decorate a home office. Back then jobs were easy to come by, stylish office supplies were not. Sure you could spend your weekends at thrift and antique stores … Continue reading

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Organize Your Holidays

I used to look forward to holiday baking, decorating and wrapping gifts. I would even go so far as to say I was talented in these areas. Unfortunately, in the last few years my holiday cheer has been replaced by … Continue reading

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Decorate Your Storage

It’s easy and fun to personalize your storage and desk accessories. Some good candidates for personalization include: See Jane Work Storage Boxes Simple Structure Pencil Cup Three by Three Magnet Boards The craft store is full of fun stuff that … Continue reading

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